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Production Fermenter – PF Series

Capacities ranging from 100Liter to 15000liters available

Production Fermenter – PF Series

Capacities ranging from 100Liter to 15000liters available

Vessel Design: Flat SS Top and Dished Bottom. Dished Top offered for higher capacities starting from 2500liters onwards.

Vessel D/H Ratio: 1: 2.5

Jacketed Vessel Insulated

Top plate ports : Pressure Gauge, Media Inlet, Air Outlet, PRV, Antifoam probe etc..

Side ports on the shell: Acid, Alkali, Innoculum, Air inlet with By-pass arrangement

Side ports on the lower part of the vessel: pH probe, Temp. Probe, DO probe, Turbidity Probe, Sampling port etc..

Air line provided with SS housing with connections for online Steam Sterilization. Filters used are Absolute filters of 0.2micron Online Sterilizable.

“Ring” sparger forms part of the Supply.

Instrumentation and Control:

Standard package includes Mild Steel powder coated control panel with Modular Digital PID controllers for Temperature, Agitation, pH and DO. Advanced control panel with Color Touch Screen HMI and PLC control available optionally.

Temperature control: Passing Steam in the jacket or passing steam inside the vessel – Both Possible

• Temperature range: Ambient to 125C
• Temperature accuracy: ± 0.5 C
• Cooling by means of passing water into the jacket.
• Automatic Sterilization possible using pneumatic valves, form part of standard supply

Agitation control:

• Standard package will have AC Motor with VFD for Speed Control
• Speed range: 40 to 150rpm for Microbial
• Speed accuracy: ± 1rpm
• Usually Top driven agitation system, Magnetically coupled Bottom driven optional.
• Mixing Shaft separated by means of a Single Mechanical Seal – Glycerine Lubricated.
• 3nos of 6 bladed Rushton turbine impellers used for mixing. Other impellers can also be provided on request.

Measurement & control:

• High Temperature Gel filled pH probe
• Package includes 2nos of Fixed Speed peristaltic pumps for Acid and Alkali addition
• pH Control range: 2 to 14pH
• Control Accuracy: ± 1pH

Dissolved Oxygen Measurement & Control:

• High Temperature polarographic SS Probe
• Control Valve in the Air line to control Dissolved Oxygen
• Control range: 0 to 100% saturation
• Control Accuracy: ± 1%
• DO Cascading with Speed possible

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